He’s got a virtually brotherly dating and are usually usually truth be told there to possess each other

Adam Davenport

Adam is Leo’s adoptive action-brother and you will action-relative. They do dispute and you will insult each other sometimes, however in the finish, they will be indeed there for every single almost every other, whatever the. During the Bionic Showdown, Adam finds out his undetectable ability whenever Marcus involved so you can eliminate Leo. These care and attention seriously on the both and will constantly assist each other aside, at all they’re able to. Inside you Released What. , Adam are alarmed when Leo are damage. It did actually feel the the very least plots of land from the entire family unit members.

Bree Davenport

Bree is actually Leo’s adoptive action-sister and step-relative. It insult one another periodically, plus they tease both. Bree sets by herself in a position once the Leo’s more mature sibling, and you will renders him afford the consequences so you can his errors. (Spy Travel) She states you to she desires your to adhere to their requirements while the she really does which have by herself. These include always truth be told there each almost every other and proper care seriously on the each almost every other. In which Father Understands Most useful?, Leo are profoundly concerned to have Bree plus decided to go to Douglas, (overlooking Donald’s laws) while making him fix-it. It’s been present in multiple episodes Bree enjoys helped Leo in the most common trouble. (Wise and you will Wiser, Not Smart phone and you can Spike Fright) Leo and you may Bree both get swept up during the a wall surface by the Eddy about episode Peoples Eddy.

Pursue Davenport

Chase try Leo’s adoptive step-brother and you will step-relative. He has got a virtually relationship as they are always indeed there for every single most other. Together he has got become extremely intimate, noticed in Drain otherwise Swim whenever Leo is the only person capable convince Chase to conquer the new Triton App that has been dealing with your. It works together towards the a couple of things, but may build jealous/as nice as both as well. It insult both much and bicker too. However when the time is right, might help one another out in in any manner they may be able. Within the Bionic Houseparty, Chase are happy to strive the new bionic troops as the the guy thought they were attending hurt Leo. For the Lab Mice: Towards the Boundary, Leo conserved Chase’s lifetime plus they hugged double.

Daniel Davenport

Daniel is Leo’s young step-relative. Since that time Douglas lead Daniel for the Academy, Leo you may relate with Daniel a great deal, as he mutual the majority of Leo’s same experience out-of effect need in his household members, and you may is irresponsible along with his bionics like Leo was when the guy very first acquired his bionics. Daniel sooner turned into certainly one of Leo’s college students, and you can Leo proceeded to educate him how-to securely control his bionics.

Donald Davenport

Donald Davenport is actually Leo’s stepfather. Leo mostly phone calls your “Larger D” on account of their position given that lead of the Davenport Household. But not, Leo doesn’t have the best reference to him, actually admitting he’s not all of that an effective. Mr. Davenport both tries way too hard to help you thread that have Leo. Within the No During the last, Davenport didn’t require Leo to worry. Leo are Donald’s research secretary. The guy strategizes missions into the Laboratory Mice. Leo together with conserved Donald’s existence inside the Bionic Houseparty. Leo saved his existence that with their time transference function.

Douglas Davenport

Douglas Davenport try Leo’s step-cousin given that Donald are brothers which have Douglas. Initially, Leo are felt a threat so you’re able to Douglas because of their constant meddling in his plans, and ordered elizabeth family relations within the Removed, whenever Douglas warned Leo throughout the Krane. Leo convinced Douglas to help Bree enhance this lady processor in which Father Understands Top?. Leo and you can Douglas possess bonded moreover the category of you Printed Exactly what. , because they produced a presumption one Krane try the woman and you can Douglas aided your be bionic and you can repair his arm on same event. Douglas and lifetime that have Leo along with the someone else of your Davenport Home because Donald provides allowed Douglas to stay from the Davenport House until it went to Davenport Bionic Academy. Douglas offered due to the fact Leo’s coach and you may teaches him to control his bionics until the guy turned into a student from the Davenport Bionic Academy. He produces Leo an arm product in less than Siege. Just as with Donald, Leo either disobeys Douglas, which results Mexican Sites dating app in disaster. Leo actually says he’s to avoid himself regarding delivering Douglas aside five times 1 day.

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